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The Track Layout

The purpose built race track is just over 1/10 of a mile in length with a 45m long straight. In late 2002 the track was totally resurfaced. At the same time the old sweeper at the end of the straight was replaced with the current high-speed banked curve. The chicane was also modified so that there is no longer an “easy” straight line through it.The picture below shows an aerial view of the track as it is now. The rostrum is in the middle at the bottom of the pictures covered by the over hang of branches.

Parking and Pitting

You can park on the right as you go through the gates or behind the Kiln (the red brick building). If you are not racing then please park behind the Kiln. You Must Not park behind the grey barn on the right hand side of the path as you would damage the ground. Please refer to the map below (click on the areas marked for details).

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Disabled Parking

We have a small number of parking spaces in the small car park (adjacent to the track) which can be reserved for drivers with disabilities. Please contact the Chairman using the contact us link at the top of this site if you want to reserve a space. Please note that a blue disabled badge must be shown when you arrive at the track.

Practising at the Track

The track is open daily for practising (except during race meetings) to members of the club. In order to gain access to track there are 2 gates that you will have to open. The first is the main gate to the Kiln site. The second one is the gate from the main car park into the AMCC’s small car park. Both gates have a padlock.

From April 2008 onwards these padlocks can only be opened with a high security key. Keys are available to club members and each one is uniquely numbered. One key will open both padlocks on each of the 2 gates. In order to obtain a key you are required to lodge a £5 deposit. Keys will only be available from race control during club race meetings. When getting your key, it’s unique number will be recorded against your name and BRCA number. The key number will also be written on your AMCC membership card – so you MUST have it with you when collecting your key. If you loose your key you will be required to pay another £5 deposit for a replacement. If you decide to leave the club or no longer wish to use the track for practising then you simply return the key to race control during a club meeting and your £5 deposit will be returned to you. So to summarise ….

  • In order to use the track for practise from 1st April 2008 you must obtain a key a £5 deposit is required
  • Only one key per member will be issued – family membership members can request one key per registered family member
  • Keys can be collected from race control during club race meetings only
  • You must produce your AMCC membership card when collecting your key
  • Lost keys will required an additional £5 deposit for a replacement
  • The £5 deposit will be returned to you when you hand your key back
  • When you leave the club you must return your key
  • Remember to have both your AMCC and BRCA memebrship cards with you when using the track

Rostrum with extension - 2011

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