Latest Meeting Results – 25th March 2012

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Great weather, big turnout and nice clean track. Alot of racers in 13.5 and ECO racers having a good competative days racing.

Very Good temperatures all day.

Thank you to everyone for a great fun day as usual, with a nice relaxing atmosphere.

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And don’t forget to pre-book for the Demon GP sponsored by top manufacturers on April 9th with a large raffle of prizes from Demon, Tekin and Schumacher!

Demon GP 10.5 class will be dropped as the pre-booking is now too low for this class. Racers who have already booked(10.5) will be moved over to 13.5 (after conformation). 13.5 and 17.5 seem to be the way to go these days. Should be a nice big 13.5 turnout where the limit of racers has been increased already.

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