Sky RC T6200 Charger, Team Wave 17.5 Motor, MRT Ptx

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Sky RC T6200 Charger, Team Wave 17.5 Motor, MRT Ptx

Postby A_Zino » 24 May 2016, 11:07

I am having a little clear out of things that I either don't use or have more than one of.

Sky RC T6200 charger (£100 rrp)
12amp charger, discharger,battery meter, motor rpm tester and servo tester.
You get it, this charger is all singing and dancing, fully adjustable and boxed with instructions and all leads balance boards etc.
Looking for £50

Team Wave Eclipe 17.5 Motor.
Again no fancy speel, it's not done a huge amount of work and have very light wear on the underside

Mrt Ptx transponder with shortened lead £35

Drop me a message on here or fb

Alex Gardiner