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Engine Temperature

Postby Dellboy » 05 May 2008, 19:40

It a bit embarrassing for Dave to run out of fuel in two consecutive heats during yesterday’s race! Thanks to Baz’s help with tuning the carburettor we managed to finish heat 4 but we (Baz and me) were concerned by the high temperature of the engine (326 deg F) at the end of heat 4 so we opened the high and low jets by 1/8 of a turn before the final. At the end of the final the engine temperature was still 314 deg F.

This morning I took the head off the engine and the piston crown and combustion chamber were a perfect colour (gold/brown) and there is no sign of pitting. Also, the glow plug looks in good condition, i.e. no distortion of the element, shiny appearance except where the element is attached to the body which is black.

I understand that the engine temperature should be in the region of 250 deg F to 270 deg F. This will of course be affected by the ambient temperature but still over 300 deg F is very high.

I’d appreciate comments/advice from more experienced drivers/mechanics.


Derek (Forsythe)