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Demon Grand Prix 2013

Date - 31/03/2013


Please use Central Booking to enter this event here.

Touring Car Open Event

Modified Class now available online and on the day

Sponsored by Demon Products

Bank Holiday Sunday 31st March @ Aldershot Track

Welcome to the second Demon GP Event which will be hosted by the rich features of the Aldershot Model Car Club track

Entry fee for event is £10.00. Please pre-book early to avoid disappointment and to confirm your entry. Booking in earlier will also mean we can gain more raffle prizes for a better chance of you winning!

Raffle draw (included in entry fee) shall be drawn after the Qualifying runs are completed, prior to the final.

Followed by trophy presentation and photos after the finals.

Classes being run are:

  • 13.5 Boosted
  • 17.5 Blinky
  • Modified

All classes in dry conditions will be able to use any slick tyre.

Wet races are as per BRCA rules which are Schumacher XG-RAIN tyres.

All other rules as per the BRCA.

Racing Format

  • Free all day practice to be run between 10am to 17:00 on Saturday 30th, which will be timed.
  • Booking in to be confirmed at race control between 7:45am – 8:45am on race day.
  • Timed practice will be run from 8:00am allowing 4 minutes per heat.
  • Drivers briefing will be at 9:10am.
  • Racing to start promptly at 9:30am.
  • The meeting will consist of 3 rounds and 2 finals.

Demon Products will be at trackside Saturday and Sunday with spare parts. If you wish for something specific then please ask in advance.

Tea Hut for food and beverages will be open all day.

Hope you all enjoy the racing.

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