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Free to use the track for practice using any 1/10th scale or smaller on-road r/c vehicle. In order to protect the track we ask that all vehicles used for practice have on-road type tyres (rubber or foam) and that drivers avoid driving on the grass. Also the area outside the track (car park, field behind the Kiln building etc.) is NOT to be used.

Club Meetings

During club meetings we have a set of rules for the classes we regularly run. A full set of rules for these classes can be found in the document below (PDF). We are however open to other classes being run. All we ask is that they the vehicles are suitable for our track – basically road-going vehicles of a suitable scale and that there are enough drivers wanting to race in the class to make it viable (normally around 5 minimum). So if you want to try something different then get some other drivers interested and come along to a meeting and speak to the race director. If you have any doubt about the suitability of the vehicle you want to race just click on the Race Director link on the top left of this site.


Click the below links for relevant rules. Note that the BRCA rules are direct links from the BRCA website which are automatically updated.

AGM Notes –  7th December 2011 (ECO CLASS)

AMCC Specific Class Rules 2011

BRCA Approved 10.5T Motor List 

BRCA Approved 13.5T Motor List

BRCA Approved 17.5T Motor List

BRCA Approved LiPo Battery List


Drift Rules [Source D1RC]

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