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Schumacher BTCC 2013 Aldershot results…

Results for the BTCC 2013 at the Aldershot Race Track.

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2013 SRL, BTCC and BRCA Camping Forms

Camping forms can now be downloaded for the SRL, BTCC and BRCA 2013.

Ā£10 per night per pitch. All details are on the form.

Download Here.

Enjoy the racing šŸ™‚

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Bike BRCA 2013 National Results

Please check results section.

Winter Championship 2012 to 2013 Results

Results for the series have now been posted.

The AMCC summer series starts on the 5th May.

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Check our Calendar and forum for details.


Demon Grand Prix 2013 Booking Open

Demon GP 2013

The Demon GP 2013 will be earlier than expected.

Sunday March 31 with practice on the Saturday

More details to follow with pre-booking for 13.5 Boosted, 17.5 Blinky and Modified!

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Aldershot will be hosting Round 5 of the Southern Racers League

All details to be found on the link below including pre-booking for several classes.

Thank You.

BRCA and Schumacher BTCC Bookings now Open

Click the below links for dates and entry bookings…


Schumacher BTCC

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View who has pre-booked without logging in

As requested at the AGM in regard to pre-booking.

You can now see who is attending a meetings without the need to login.

If you also now click on the calendar, you canĀ see the number of racers who have booked in. Then clicking on an event will show the actual names of the racers who have pre-booked.

Thank You.

2013 Club and BRCA Affiliated Memberships now Available

Below is a link to the new 2013 membership forms for Club and BRCA affiliated members (Renewals and New members).

As always their will be a short grace period into the new year.

Thank You.

BRCA 6 Months Memebership Summer Sale

Link Information here:


Membership Summer Sale

BRCA Membership Ā£10

Ā From the 1st July to the end of October you can join the BRCA for Ā£10. This is a “one off” experiment to encourage new and returning members to join. The only condition is that it is an online membership i.e. the normal fee structure will apply to the paper/postal process. The online membership is proving to be less labour intensive and certainly a lot quicker for the members, some members are reporting that their cards have arrived the following day (don’t bank on this when you’ve joined on a Friday evening).

For both new and old follow these instructions. Please remember that you may have an existing record on the database and it’s deliberately hard to ea duplicate, if in difficulty email or for help. If you already have registered your email on the site you can request a new password here.


Drifters Welcome

The club now welcomes RC Drift (drifting, drifters) cars for racing providing there are a minimum of 4 racers. You will have to arrange your own judges for a drift if necessary. The track is very well suited to drifting given to the wide births for drift entry and the flowing nature of all the corners.

Rules section to be updated shortly with drifting rules. However if any Drifters have a recommended set of rules then we can link to them for now.

Happy Racing.

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17.5 Standard blinky class


Added BRCA Blinky class to pre-booking.

Same rules as 13.5 but 17.5 Blinky.

This weekends booking-in here:


Facebook Social Login for Events Enabled


Hopefully you should all be able to book events online with your Facebook accounts rather than creating a new account for pre-bookings. If you already have an account then you should be able to use either. Only enabled for Facebook social logins at presents. Will try to add Twitter and other types of accounts later.

If you have not already booked in for this Sundays meeting then please try with you Facebook account if you have one. Let me know who you get on.

Will also try to enable Facebook as a login for the forum. So end result you will able to use a social login (IE Facebook account) for all AMCC logins.



Calendar date updates


Please have a browse through our calendar as some dates have been changed due to errors.


27th May Meeting Results

Please check the relevant pages to the left for updates to the following.

Meeting results + Improvements

Personal Bests

Championship table summer 2012

A very hot day with racers using 32 Sorex tyres and trying 36 tyres too.

Track temp was 50 degrees C . Personally I believe 32 were still the best tyre. However the 36 Sorex tyres did last the day nicely but needed time to heat up on the early laps. Track had very low grip from pollen or just dirt. Bikes were having grip problems also.

A great day for everyone. But refreshments were the order of the day given the heat! Forget the Gazebo for the rain as they were needed for some shade instead.

Championship Overall Results for Winter 2011/2012

The winter championship consisted of 19 rounds.

Please check out the “Championship Points” page to view the results for the Winter Championship Results 2011 to 2012,Ā for where you finished overall.

Trophy presentation TBA.

Thank you.

Meeting Results + New Championship Table

Meeting results for the 20th May have been updated.

The start of the Summer 2012 championship has started for ECO and 13.5 Brushless so far.

Just waiting for some files to show the completed results, for the just completed Winter Championship.

Next meeting is the 27th of May to which prebooking is opened for Bikes, 13.5 and ECO classes so far.

Thank you.

Bike National Gallery Pictures

Check out the Club Album for pictures from the 13th May 2012 Aldershot Bike National Round 2.


BRCA Bike National 13th May / 12th Practice – NO Touring cars

This weekend is our Aldershot hosted BRCA Bike national. This saturday and sunday is for Bikes on track ONLY.

No touring cars.

Booking in can be done on the day.

Anyone for Schumacher SupaStox?

A booking for the new SupaStox class has been opened for the 20th May, to see if anyone is interested.

Details here


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Open Meeting 6th May – Today (29/4/12) Rained Off :-(

Todays meeting was rained off.

New unplanned meeting for the 6th May. Open meeting.

Please could you pre-book here to make sure we have enough entries. Looks like we will have a lot of racers anyway but be nice to see who.

Personal Best Times ** Updated **

Personal Best times for various classes have now been updated and uploaded to our site.

Click here to find out how quick you are compared to everyone else in the classes you race in.

Latest Meeting Results – 22nd April 2012 + Improved PB’s

Checkout the latest Meeting results and Championship tables on the relevant pages to the left.

A damp start to the day but racers still went out on slicks which proved to be quicker than the intermediate tyres. Track dried quickly until we had a 20 minute interval of hail stones. The immediate round after this was intermediates but it was slicks for the rest of the day after.

A nice quick track with a third racer in the 13.5 class now breaking the 22 lap barrier!

Thank you to everyone for a great fun day as usual.

Don’t forget to join our newer Facebook page for updates here.

Latest Meeting Results – 1st April 2012 + Updated PB’s

Checkout the latest Meeting results and Championship tables on the relevant pages to the left.

Ben our race director has also updated the Personal Best times for the ECO and 13.5 class as best as possible at present.

On the Meeting Results page you will also seeĀ (for the 25th March) a link for the improvements for that day, at a glance.

Thank you to everyone for a great fun day as usual.

Don’t forget to join our newer Facebook page for updates here.

I would also strongly recommend you pre-book for the Demon GP as the spaces are now diminishing quickly, being the final week before this event. I would hate for club racers and especially racers coming from a distance to arrive on the Monday, and expect to get a space.

Pre-Book here for the Demon GP


Demon GP 10.5 Brushless class closed due to lack of interest


Due to only having 3 entries for the 10.5 blushless class, this class has now been closed for the Demon GP.

The 10.5 racers have been notifed and given the option of what class to race in.

Thank you.

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Latest Meeting Results – 25th March 2012

Checkout the latest Meeting results and Championship tables on the relevant pages to the left.

Great weather, big turnout and nice clean track. Alot of racers in 13.5 and ECO racers having a good competative days racing.

Very Good temperatures all day.

Thank you to everyone for a great fun day as usual, with a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t forget to join our newer Facebook page for updates here.

And don’t forget to pre-book for the Demon GP sponsored by top manufacturers on April 9th with a large raffle of prizes from Demon, Tekin and Schumacher!

Demon GP 10.5 class will be dropped as the pre-booking is now too low for this class. Racers who have already booked(10.5) will be moved over to 13.5 (after conformation). 13.5 and 17.5 seem to be the way to go these days. Should be a nice big 13.5 turnout where the limit of racers has been increased already.

Demon GP ** Tech Charts ** A Finalists

We will be putting together Tech Charts for the A FinalistsĀ at the Demon GP.

More info in our forums here

Get your name in lights!

Club Open Meeting Results – 18th March 2012

Checkout the results for this open meeting on the “Meeting Results” page to the left.

Small turnout with only some racers allowed out over mothers day and also the first race of the F1 season.

Eco class drivers were testing their setups with 17.5 timed motors in blinky mode for the Demon GP.Ā  Close racing regardless.

The weather held out for most of the day but the 2nd leg of finals were rained off due to hail stones which made a change!

Thank you to everyone for a great fun day as usual, with a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Booking in for the 25th of March meeting is now open.

The 9th of April for the Demon GP is now fast approaching. The more bookings in, in advance means more prizes from sponsors!

Donā€™t forget to join our newer Facebook page for updates here.

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