BRCA 6 Months Memebership Summer Sale

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Membership Summer Sale

BRCA Membership £10

 From the 1st July to the end of October you can join the BRCA for £10. This is a “one off” experiment to encourage new and returning members to join. The only condition is that it is an online membership i.e. the normal fee structure will apply to the paper/postal process. The online membership is proving to be less labour intensive and certainly a lot quicker for the members, some members are reporting that their cards have arrived the following day (don’t bank on this when you’ve joined on a Friday evening).

For both new and old follow these instructions. Please remember that you may have an existing record on the database and it’s deliberately hard to ea duplicate, if in difficulty email or for help. If you already have registered your email on the site you can request a new password here.


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